Articles and Rules

24 November 2022

The Society
1.1 The society shall go by the name of the Tarring Golf Society (“the society”)
1.2 The period of 1 January to 31 December will constitute (“the year”) for the purposes of all society activities.
1.3 The officers of the society will comprise a secretary, a treasurer, a chairman and captain for the relevant year. Collectively these officers will form the (“management committee”)
1.4 In any voting matter the casting vote will rest with the chairman.
2.1 Initial membership shall be by application to the management committee. Such application may be made in any reasonable form.
2.2 Membership will be completed on payment of an annual subscription payment to be determined by a vote at the annual general meeting (“AGM”).
2.3 The membership of the society will be limited to a maximum of 36.
2.4 In the event that the society has, at any time, the maximum number of members, the management committee will operate a waiting list (“the waiting list”). Any spaces becoming available will then be offered on the basis of the earliest application first.
2.4 Membership will be open to both male and female players.
2.5 Members from the preceding year will have until 28 February in the relevant year to pay the annual subscription and renew their membership. Failure to make the said payment will result in the player being deemed to have ended their membership and their place will be offered to a player on the waiting list.
2.6 If a player plays more than 3 society events in a calendar year as a guest he will, subject to the membership not being fully subscribed, must pay the annual subscription fee before playing the fourth event.
2.7 An annual subscription fee arising from the circumstances in 2.6 may be charged in an amount at the discretion of the management committee.
Annual General Meeting
3.1 The society will hold an Annual General Meeting in January of each year by notification to the members.
3.2 The meeting in 3.1 shall take place before the first event in the relevant year.
3.3 The management committee will notify to the membership the date, time and location of the AGM, no later the 21 days before the date of the AGM.
3.4 The meeting will be open to all paid up members from the previous year. The meeting will be open to all players on the waiting list although there will be no voting rights for those players.
3.5 The management committee may invite any individual to the AGM but this will not convey any voting rights to any individual invited under this rule.
3.6 The AGM will elect by majority decision the Chairman, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
3.7 The AGM will take any motions from members. Any motions shall be notified in writing (e-mails accepted) to the management committee no later than 10 days before the AGM.
4.1 The captain (“the captain”) will serve for a period of 12 months starting on 1 January and ending on 31 December of the relevant year.
4.2 During the relevant year of captaincy “the captain” will serve as a member of the “management committee”
4.3 The captain will within the relevant year appoint a vice-captain to assist him with his responsibilities.
4.4 The “vice-captain” will, subject to his/her agreement become the captain in the subsequent year.
4.5 In the circumstances that a successor cannot be found by the captain or the vice-captain does not wish to take up the role of captain, the matter will revert to the management committee.


5.1 The society will organise 11 events during the relevant year.
5.2 The events will be played on the basis of Stableford points competitions with the exception of the Club Championship which will be a medal event.
5.3 All competitions will incorporate both male and female players in a single competition.
5.4 All players taking part in any event will be expected to contribute to the prize pot. The amount of the contribution will be set by “the secretary” but it is not to exceed £6 for any one event.
5.4 Cash prizes will be awarded for “the main” competition at the discretion of the “management committee” and be proportionate to the number of players completing.
5.5 Cash prizes will be awarded for “nearest the pin” in one or “nearest the pin” in two at the discretion of the secretary.
5.6 Members may invite guests to events, although in the event that any event is over-subscribed priority will be given to members of the the society.
5.7 Guests attending any event are, on paying the prize pot contribution (see 5.4) will be entered in all “nearest the pin” competition but not the “main competition”
5.8 In addition to the monthly events “the society” will run an “order of merit” competition throughout the “relevant year” which will be open to all members.
5.9 The “order of merit” winner will be calculated on a players best 8 results from the 11 competitions (see 5.1) in the relevant year. In the event of less than 11 events being played the number of qualifying scores will reduced in direct proportion i.e 7 from 10 or 6 from 9.
5.10 Only a players results arising after the member has paid his annual subscription fee will count as a qualifying score for the purposes of the order of merit competition.
5.11 No minimum number of events are required for the purposes of calculating the order of merit winner.
5.12 Unless directed by the host club or the society secretary play will be from the yellow and red tees.
6.1 The Society will operate a handicapping system, in general play, that is not determined by the players home club and their World Golf Handicap (“WGH”).
6.2 The maximum handicap for all competitions will be 36
6.3 For general play, a player will receive a handicap reduction of 1 shot for winning a monthly event. This is in addition to any handicap change detailed in 6.3 to 6.7 below
6.4 Any player scoring more than 36 points (or the equivalent in a medal competition) in a qualifying competition will receive a handicap reduction of 0.5 for each point the players score exceeds 36 points.
6.5 For players scoring 34 to 36 points the players handicap will remain unchanged.
6.6 For players scoring 30 to 33 points the players handicap will be increased by 0.2.
6.7 For players scoring 20 to 29 points the players handicap will be increased by 0.5.
6.8 For players scoring less than 20 points the players handicap will be increased by 1.0.
6.9 On joining the society a new member will be allocated his/her course handicap at their home club as calculated on the WGH system from either the yellow or red tees. Thereafter their handicap will be calculated in accordance with 6.2 to 6.7 above.
6.10 A new member joining the society without a current WGH system handicap will be required to submit 3 cards of golf for consideration by the management committee who will then allocate the player with a handicap. Thereafter their handicap will be calculated in accordance with 6.2 to 6.7 above. All cards should indicate the tees played from and be no earlier than 6 months from the date of submission. The cards may be from rounds played as a guest at any society event or general play rounds with any other current member of the golf society.
6.11 In exceptional circumstances the secretary may alter a players handicap if the secretary considers the players handicap is not reflective of the players results over a period of 2 or more events. In these circumstances the secretary will endeavour to discuss the matter with the player, to allow the player to make such representations, before and such change is made. The decision of the secretary may be appealed to the management committee. The decision of the management committee will be final.